Main Benefits of ArchiMate

The main benefits of ArchiMate for modeling your enterprise architectures are:

  • It is an international, vendor-independent standard of The Open Group, liberating you from the lock-in of vendor-specific tools and frameworks. There is active support from the ArchiMate Forum of The Open Group.
  • Its well-founded concepts and models provide precision. It helps you get away from the 'fuzzy pictures' image of architecture.
  • It is a lean and simple language. It contains just enough concepts for modeling enterprise architecture and is not bloated to include everything possible. Its uniform structure makes it easy to learn and apply.
  • It has clear links to existing approaches for specific architecture areas such as software or business processes. Several concepts in ArchiMate have deliberately been borrowed from other languages such as UML or BPMN, to provide an easy bridge.
  • It does not prescribe a way of working, but it is easily combined with existing methods such as TOGAF.
  • It has been tried and tested by many different user organizations and is supported by numerous consultancies and software tools.